The Word (Justin Renoir)

The Nova


Justin dresses like a hipster and is almost always seen wearing his headphones. Cosmic power flows through his voice with unpredictable effects, so he prefers to stay silent. He communicates almost exclusively though his phone, though he can also sign. He quite enjoys music and plays several instruments.


Justin’s powers first manifested when he was 14 when his voice ‘began to change’. He was being bullied, and he shouted at his harassers. The earth cracked, trees were uprooted, and the bullies were badly injured, burned by the cosmic energies.

His parents are Tom and Rebecca. They help him control his powers, and encourage his heroics and helps his deal with his anger issues, but his mom is worried about what Justin is becoming.

When we last saw Justin . . .
He had exhausted the cosmic powers within him to restabilize Orbin’s home universe and prevent further dimensional rifts from appearing.

The Word (Justin Renoir)

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