Orbin Impera (The Hand)

The Outsider


Orbin appears to be a tall man with pitch black skin and facial tattoos. His eyes are back as well with no visible pupils, but many white specks so they look like a night sky. He can control fire, heat, and light and has minor gravity control as well. He carries a sword which he uses to channel his power and can cut though most anything.

He also has a large cumbersome ship with a giant plasma cannon mounted centrally. The ship can travel between dimensions in theory, though at the moment it can only straddle dimensions allowing it to phase out of reality for short bursts. The ship has a very distinctive energy signature and requires a special fuel that he has not found in this dimension yet.


Orbin is from a different dimension where he was the youngest member of a science team that crash landed in this dimension. He can communicate with his home dimension, but is unable to get there.

Orbin has become enamored with this planet though, loving how unrestrained and open the humans are, and how they come up with amazing ideas like burritos and casual Fridays. Has a crush on Julie.

When we last saw Orbin . . .
He was helping ~1 million of the stranded colonists/refugees form his home universe integrate into their new life on Earth.

Orbin Impera (The Hand)

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