Alley Cat (Oswald Shelby)

The Janus


As Alley Cat, Oswald wears a deep hoodie with an embroidered golden cat logo on it. He is saving up for a graphic designer to help his design a better logo.


After being bitten by what he assumes was a radioactive cat, Oswald started to notice his Cat-Senses (dark-vision, super hearing and scent) and well as the ability to climb up walls, and leap long distances.

He keeps his life secret from his family and friends. Only Mic Jones his best friend knows his secret identity.

In addition to his superheroic activities, Oswald struggles to keep up his grades at school, impress his Math teacher Mr. Simmons, his part-time job at the Habaneros food truck, and maintain his relationship with his best friend Mic.

When we last saw Ally Cat . . .

He was a famous and well-regarded super hero in Halcyon city. In fact he HalTimes named him #2 in their 30 under 30 up-and-coming superheroes.

Alley Cat (Oswald Shelby)

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