Black Flag

The Delinquent


Black Flag claims that he must keep his true name a secret, as a wizard’s true name is their soul. Really, he’s just embarrassed that his name is Wyatt Addison. He has long black unkempt hair and moderate acne. His super costume is his gray Gandalf-style wizard robe, well worn and held together with colorful patches.

He is a wizard on moderate skill, able to cast complex illusions, and evocations, but only a handful of other minor wizard spells.

When we last saw Black Flag . . .

He had selflessly agreed to return to the restrictive, secluded world of Wizardry in return for the wizard police rescuing The Word from the dimensional tear (that Black Flag had ‘accidentally’ closed).


Black Flag comes from a long line wizards. The wizarding community he comes from is very reclusive, eschewing modern technology and society. He found this stifling, and decided to drop out of wizard school and run away .

Black Flags dad still checks in on him via enchanted letters, and other messages, but it seems cold distant. His father had hoped that he would grow up to be a successful Wizard [lawyer?].

Black Flag is a huge fan of punk music.

Black Flag

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